Archbishop of York Dr John Sentamu Receives ‘ambassador’ Accolade at Tourism Awards – York Ebor Horse Racing Festival

TOURISM chiefs hailed the Archbishop of York the answer to their prayers when they presented him with the top award at a major ceremony. The annual York Tourism Awards, organised by Visit York, were held at the National Railway Museum last night, to celebrate excellence in the city’s crucial tourism industry. Fourteen winners, picked from hundreds of entries, were presented with their awards at the event hosted by writer and broadcaster Gervase Phinn. The award for Tourism Ambassador 2010 went to Dr John Sentamu for the role he plays both nationally and internationally in putting York on the map. Since his arrival in the city in 2005, visitors have met the Archbishop offering open-air baptisms, he has visited flood victims in Cumbria and made visits overseas. Visit York chairman John Yeomans said: “The Archbishop has contributed greatly to raising the profile of the city and we’re delighted he has accepted this award in recognition of the work he does both in York and across the globe.” Last year he rode My Will, a Paul Nicholls horse, but could only manage 3rd. However, this year he’s on the favorite, Big Fella Thanks, who also happens to be trained by Nicholls. Big Fella Thanks had a great race last year as he finished 6th at the tender age of 7 so with Ruby Walsh in charge he might live up to his billing. Tony McCoy, who this year is riding Don’t Push It, is one of the greatest jockeys of the modern era with over 3000 career wins which have brought him virtually every prize going except the coveted Grand National. Racing in the Aintree Grand National 2010 will mark the 15th time he has attempted the course so he is more than familiar with it but so far has only managed 3rd place. Sam Twiston-Davies may not be a celebrated jockey but he’s making plenty of headlines for the Aintree Grand National 2010. At 17-years-old he’s competing to become the youngest winner since Bruce Hobbs won with Battleship in 1938. Hobbs was also aged 17 at the time. He’s riding a decent horse in Hello Bud, trained by his father Nigel, but his inexperience may take its toll. Dr Sentamu, who was unable to attend the award ceremony in person, said it was a “great honour”. He said: “York is one of the greatest cities in Britain. It’s not just the great tourist attractions we have here like the Minster, the Jorvik Viking Centre and the Railway Museum that draw people into the city – no, I put it down to the incredible people we have here in York. Yorkshire people may be famous for being straight talking, but they are also renowned for being warm-spirited, kind-hearted and very welcoming to our visitors. I think that’s the main reason people keep coming back – and also one of the main reasons I have won this award!” Published at:

Apartments in New York For Glitzy Yet Stimulating Holidays in New York!

Fast-paced, glitzy holidays in apartments in New York are an extraordinary experience for anyone travelling from Europe, as the US has a very different feel. “Start spreadin’ the news, I’m leaving today. I want to be a part of it: New York, New York” sang Frank Sinatra many years ago, and even today the song captures the spirit of this magnificent city, which fills some with reminiscences of our past and others with a longing to visit someday. Whether you combine your holiday in New York with a business trip or simply plan it for pleasure, it has a different charm at different times of the year. In fact, it is worthwhile combining it with the Christmas bank holidays 2011, later this year, or better still plan ahead for bank holidays 2012, to avail the best prices for flight tickets and accommodation. New York City is the most populated city in the USA and is one of the biggest metropolises in the world, so it is wise to plan a few days to explore New York, Long Island and areas around. If you’re on a family holiday, holiday apartments New York or condo rentals are a great choice for varying number of people. The best part is that you won’t have to pay for two or more hotel rooms if you have a spacious three-bedroom apartment in the heart of the Manhattan instead! New York is a larger-than-life city with intense worldwide fame, but, equally, it is a collection of little villages and enclaves, with great character and diversity within its narrow borders. Arguably, New York may be the busiest and most crowded of cities, but it is also surprisingly easy to move around in, and remains one of the few cities in the USA where one does not need a car. New York City is home to Wall Street, the financial nerve centre of the world economy and home to million dollar bonuses, yet it is also home to the best examples of art and culture and proving ground for aspiring artists and performers. This diversity and all embracing nature of New York is what attracts visitors from all over the world and delights, stimulates and surprises them, leaving them wanting more. A holiday in New York lets you pack in a lot of activity, since the city is easy to get around in, and has grown vertically rather than sprawl over large distances. Breaks to New York City are filled with entertainment, shopping, restaurants and memorable views of the world’s most famous cityscape. New York has many iconic attractions and famous places, from the lights of Broadway and Times Square to the Statue of Liberty. A New York City vacation is not only fun for families, but can also be an educational trip for children. Children will never forget a visit to the Museum of Natural History, and young art-lovers will love the Museum of Modern Art. Pleasant days can be spent walking around Manhattan, staring wonder-struck at the skyscrapers, eating hot dogs on the move, walking through Central Park and frequenting the many cafes, restaurants and bars. It is a sheer rush of adrenalin to enjoy live performances in The Village and experience the vibrant atmosphere of New York. In fact, simply walks in Central Park and visits to the zoo are an unforgettable experience. If you don’t prefer the pace and constant attractions of New York life everyday, it might be a better idea to travel outside New York. On the outskirts of the town is the peaceful haven of Long Island and the beaches, vineyards and villas associated with it. Hamptons, on the far east of Long Island, is a flashy resort based around pristine, white sandy beaches that attract the rich and famous from all over America. If you are looking for the lap of luxury whilst staying in apartments in New York, Hamptons is for you. Upstate New York is very beautiful, and the countryside is a treasure of great views and lovely landscapes. The weather in New York varies hugely during the year, from the long, hot summer days to the famous white New York Christmas period when temperatures are quiet cold. Of course, New York holidays are easier to plan, since it is so well connected and flights are competitively priced. So, if you have been meaning to visit New York and see what the fuss is all about, this might be the time to book your flights and holiday apartments in New York to experience it first hand! Published at:

New York Tourist Attractions and New York Travel Guide and San Francisco

New York City could be the best city to visit for any traveler. With many attractions and thing to do, it’s no surprise that it is one of the most popular and most visited cities in the whole world. To visit many American icon attractions is always present on most travelers dream lists. A visit to the famous The Empire State Building and of course The Statue of Liberty is a must. After the 9/11 tragedy happened, many thought New York would never recover. But this event even made its residents and the city stronger. “Ground Zero” is surely needed to be visited by all, to remind us of 9/11 and how important to fight for democracy and freedom, not only for Americans but for all the nations of the world. One of the most recommended ways to see New York tourist attractions is through the many tours the city is offering. Package tours can help anyone to see important attractions without the chance of missing one of them. Unfortunately most of these packages come with a hefty price. So it means ones budget could be greatly affected, but no worries. The easiest and probably cheapest way to go about this is to buy a good New York City travel guide. Many are available in the city itself or even the net. Just make sure the one you’ll get is complete and precise. Having this handy tool can help in your tour in New York City check on best routes to the different attractions to maximize your stay in the city. Also consider on this routes that are near and accessible from your hotel. In any vacation, where the destination may be, planning is crucial for a successful and memorable one. So plan early and try to avail one or two travel guides to make your choices vast. Or if you have friends or relatives that already visited New York City, maybe they have or used a goo travel guide. Maybe you can borrow it or at least buy the same kind. Either way, doing this could almost assure a perfect and memorable vacation in New York City for you and your love ones. San Francisco City is the foremost city to be in if a good life experience is what you are looking for. With its many boutiques, restaurants, bars and colorful arts scene, and specially the romantic bay views, a vibrant city that many couples from everywhere choose to go on their honeymoon. San Francisco is chosen by many as one of the top city to go to in the world. This is because of its colorful and cosmopolitan atmosphere that charms everyone who comes for vacation there, especially upon seeing The Golden Gate Bridge, an unforgettable 1.7 mile length. Considered as an American icon seen in plenty movies and is etched in hearts of anyone who have seen it. Golden Gate Park is a must see, with beautiful lakes, walk paths, botanical and Japanese gardens. It is located on a thousand acres land making each visit a new adventure. The Exploratorium is highly recommended also. With its fun and quirky atmosphere, a museum enjoyable to explore, with more than 650 pieces to see and their amusing rule, a policy that states “please touch”, concentrating namely in science, art and perception. Most are Interactive exhibits for everyone to remember. One of the best ways to see San Francisco tourist attractions is by joining the many package tours that the city is offers. These tours can help anybody to see attractions and prevent the chance of not visiting the important ones. But most of these tour packages may be expensive. So ones financial budget could be affected, the easiest and cheapest thing to do to have a successful is to purchase a reliable San Francisco travel guide. These could be bought in the streets of San Francisco or even online. But choosing a complete and precise one is important. Having this can help you a lot in your tour stay n New York City. Compare routes to the attractions to optimize your stay in San Francisco City. In considering these routes find those that are accessible and near your hotel. Planning is crucial in any vacation for it to be a memorable one. Plan early and buy two or more travel guides so that you wont left out on any place or things to do in San Francisco. Research online and see all the possible choices you have. Happy vacation! Published at:

Travel to New York: Choose a New York Short Term Apartment

There are many visitors and families discover that staying in short term apartment while going to New York City will save them lots of money. Apartment will not just accommodate more visitors than hotel room, but staying in apartment can signify saving lots of money just by cooking some food in the apartment. If you are for longer visit, then staying in apartment can give you real sense of living in New York. If you are interested in the New York City short-term apartment rentals, then the agencies and online websites are best mode to find the short-term rental apartment in New York. If you would like to have a more cherished stay than hotel, or making and comprehensive visit to New York City, then Bed & Breakfasts as well as short-term apartments are perfect. New York Apartments This is an ideal alternative for the visitors who want a place to hang out for a few days or a few weeks. The purpose can be business or leisure; New York City Habitat has lots of apartments of different sizes at costs that are cutthroat with the hotel accommodations. All of the apartments comprise of kitchen facilities that will allow visitors the choice of dining during their stay. However, the insist for short-term apartment in New York City is growing radically in past 20 years thus world’s largest corporations is establishing their head office in Manhattan, and has increased tourism in as well as around New York. Most business suites and standard hotel rooms have the rates, which vary from $200 to $300 for each night. Over month’s time, New York City resident’s monthly lodging costs might have average of $7000 or further that is beyond the way from majority of the individuals. Some of the companies have recognized the business openings in giving short-term apartment solutions as an alternative to hotel supplements for the corporate moving and guests. Cooperating investors, landlords, as well as brokers have made a more reasonable short-term apartment solution by buying apartment buildings plus condominium apartments with a supple by-laws and house regulations, giving furnishings, which go with the standards of few New York’s best hotels. Laundry service, maid, as well as other comfort services that was often obtainable as essential. New York City short-term apartment has as well become the great solution for having renovations made on their rented properties as well as those who can pay for an accommodation. People who live in New York for a 1-month, but do not remain long to sign the lease, as well have fueled the requirement for these kinds of apartments. As for the location and the price, short-term apartments are found easily in midtown and downtown area of New York, because of the focus of tourism and business offices in these areas. Residence terms are generally flexible, that range from 2 to 3 weeks for a year longer. The most comfortable suites in New York’s most beautiful buildings are offered for $3500 to $5000 for each month for the studio or the 1-bedroom suites. Published at:

Billy Elliot New York Tickets – A Heartwarming Story Now on Stage in New York

Billy Elliot is a heartwarming story about a young boy who longs, and loves, to dance. His incredible natural talent is unleashed when he has a chance to participate in ballet classes at his school, and that is how a star is born. Bill turns out to be more than just a good dancer, he is a great dancer, and has an incredible passion for the Ballet. This musical version is touching and beautiful, and stars three different and equally talented young men who play the part of Billy Elliot on alternating nights. The story has much more to it than just a young boy who loves to dance, because Billy Elliot comes from a mining family, and it is seen as being his destiny to take the road underground as well. The story has a political undertone to it, as it is set during the very powerful government of Margaret Thatcher. During this time a miner’s strike ensued over plans to close the Cortonwood colliery in Yorkshire. Not long afte it became clear that more than one mine was facing the ax and during that time more than half of the miners in Britain walked out of the mines and refused to work until their jobs were secured. The fight for the mines was long and bitter, in response to the strike the conservative government stockpiled 50 million tons of coal, meaning that it would take months before the effects of the miner’s strike would be felt by the rest of the country. In the musical Billy Elliot’s father is one of the miners who leads the strike at his mine, and becomes influential in negotiations over when the miners will return to work. It is against this backdrop that Billy, whose mother is dead, begins to find comfort in ballet as he takes classes from a lady at his school along with some of the other girls. When the teacher realizes his extraordinary talent, she begins to campaign with Billy’s father to allow him to pursue his talent more seriously. At first furious that his son has been learning such things, and terrified that he will become what he calls a “poof” Billy’s dad angrily demands that Billy stops lessons. But eventually he comes to realize his son’s talent when he sees him dance for the first time. After he discovers his son’s true talent, Billy’s father will go to whatever lengths necessary to make sure that Billy is able to have a better life than he has had. In the end the audience comes to realize that the musical is as much about the community that the musical is set in, as it is about Billy himself. Even though the miner’s strike in 1984 and 1985 failed, this musical and the film that inspired it stand as a sort of tribute to the miners and their families who suffered during that period of time. Billy Elliot New York tickets are currently available and are constantly raved about by theatre-goers who have already seen the musical on stage. Tickets can be hard to come by, so be sure to get yours at This is a great opportunity to experience one of the most exciting events in theatre this year. Published at: